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  • 3 Things You’ll Love About the Redesigned Barkly Pets App

    by Katlyn Kohler

    Today we’re announcing the launch of the redesigned Barkly Pets app. We’ve been hard at work to make sure our new app addresses the various needs pet owners have when using a dog walking app and finding a reliable dog walker for their pet. Here are three functions that we think you’ll love about our redesigned app.

    1. Search for Favorite Walkers in the App

    When seeking a dog walker, pet owners value consistency more than anything else. Your dog may have a great walk with one of our walkers and you’ll want to have that walker come back again and again to be your dog’s regular walker. With the new app, you can search walkers by name, review their information and ratings, add them to your favorites, and book walks directly with them.  

    Here’s how to search for a walker in our app and set them as your favorite:

    • Open the Barkly Pets app.
    • One of the first things you’ll see is the “See Local Caretakers” button.
    • Once you click on the button, the right hand side of the menu will say “Search”.
    • From there, you can find walkers you know by name and interact with their profiles.

    2. Know When Your Walkers are Available

    If you’re a regular user, you’ll likely find yourself with a list of 4 or 5 favorite Barkly Pets dog walkers. Now when you book your walks, you’ll be able to see real-time if your favorite walkers are available for the walks you’re requesting. New trained and highly qualified dog walkers are joining our community every single day so it’s always a good thing to keep your favorite list up-to-date by reviewing the matches we have for you in the app as well. 

    Here’s how you’ll see if your favorites are available for the walks you’re booking:

    • Select “Book Walk.”
    • Follow the steps to select dates and times for your walk(s).
    • On the final page when booking under “Caretaker Preferences,” you’ll see which of your favorites are available to receive your requests.

    3. Book Multiple Walk Times Simultaneously

    Sometimes one walk a day isn’t enough for you and your dog. Maybe you’re traveling and need our walkers to stop in a few times a day, or maybe you have a puppy who needs both a morning and afternoon walk. Whatever the circumstance, you can now schedule multiple times a day with just a few taps. 

    Here’s how to schedule multiple walks at a time in our redesigned app:

    • Open the Barkly Pets app.
    • Select “Book Walk.”
    • Select the time frames you’d like the walker to arrive. You can select multiple or just one, depending on your needs.
    • Add a specific time for each time frame by toggling the “Add specific arrival time(s)” button and selecting a time from there.

    We hope these changes make the Barkly Pets app even easier to use. We rely on feedback from our customers for future features, and we love hearing from you. Drop us a line at marketing@barklypets.com to share your ideas. 

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